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Federal agencies face increased challenges in improving limited resources to meet mission objectives. An array of new technologies such as cloud computing services, social networking,  peer-to-peer technologies, mobile computing, and the convergence of voice, data, video, and multimedia solutions have flooded the commercial landscape. Adopting technologies like the above create operational, business process, security, and integration difficulties for Government agencies as they balance modernization initiatives, technology lifecycles and user service demands against financial limitations. We help our customers implement today's mission as well as adjust to and incorporate new technologies to make sure that they can deliver into the future.


Complex management challenges like the safety of physical infrastructures and communication networks, security of mass transportation and disaster recovery systems are encountered by today's state and local government. These challenges, plus budgetary constraints, create a persistent need for advanced IT solutions that can link the power of technology with the realities of responsive governance. Baytek offers state and local governments a single point of contact for the design, integration, engineering, project management, support, and maintenance of IT systems. Our skilled team of professional services consultants, engineers, designers, PMI-certified project managers, and technicians hold hundreds of industry and technical certifications, to meet your mission critical needs


In today's education environments, high-speed broadband infrastructure is critical to support education technology. Robust applications that facilitate remote learning, dispersed classroom collaboration and integration of digital content into everyday classes has dramatically increased the requirements of today's educational networks. Baytek USA Inc offers the experience and flexibility to support the increasing and ever-changing needs of administrators, educators, and students, with the understanding that a cost-effective, secure, high-speed network is the key to leveraging technology to scale school improvement. IT initiatives at many major educational institutions are challenged by a range of factors that are both budgetary and strategic with the demand by students and faculty for greater online access, collaboration, and resources. Determining a best-use strategy in IT expenditures to better manage costs and promote future growth would help face this challenge. Baytek USA Inc delivers customized, cost-effective IT solutions to help educational institutions from K-12 to colleges and universities to meet their needs. Our solutions includes secure wireless access systems, clouds computing services, computing, mobile solutions and more.


The current Commercial marketplace demands innovative products designed to be application specific, problem solving and price competitive. The Company’s mission is to be the premier provider of enterprise-based IT solutions to our commercial customers and to be recognized as such.  At Baytek USA Inc we spend the time to understand your business requirements and build custom solutions around your specific business needs. We add value to our customers’ operations by understanding their specific needs and requirements by providing high-quality technical solutions, combining both products and services in an enterprise solution.  Our quality assurance and quality control measures ensure that we deliver the agreed upon product at the highest level of quality

We serve businesses across a wide range of commercial markets, including:

  • E-Commerce & Web Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Finance and Banking
  • Hospitality


Baytek USA Inc serves both federal and commercial healthcare providers nationwide. Providing health care services in today's world includes constant pressure to increase the quality of patient care, reach new markets, provide new services and control costs. As patient populations become more geographically and culturally diverse and healthcare organizations grow, visual collaboration is becoming very important in the healthcare field in hospitals, nursing homes, pharmaceuticals and rehabilitation centers. Our extensive expertise delivers the right solutions that meet your business needs, clinical demands, patient safety, and budgetary requirements. Our solutions include Telehealth, mobile solutions, asset tracking, physical security solutions and more. Baytek can provide cost effective technology solutions to overcome challenges specific to the Healthcare environment including:

  • Faster data access to support online research, insurance, collection agencies / services
  • Instant and accurate patient data retrieval and transfer
  • Infrastructure stability and flexibility to support electronic medical records and computerized physician order entry

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If you need to speak with a Baytek USA Inc Representative regarding our services, simply contact customer service and any of our Representatives will be happy to update you regarding any general inquiries you may have.

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